Standing on the edge of self-reflection

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The definition of life will change with the passage of time.

It seemed that this thought would turn the pages of life. The attitude of time will not be an alternative to being a slave in the end, only the quantity and process will be different.

The tendency to grow within the diversity of thought is a sign of life. When you compare yourself in the context of self-examination, the thought of not being able to accept weakness will also creep into you.

Those who seek to adapt to that interdependent relationship of the environment are not only the foundation of human instinct, but also the weak cry of consciousness.

The foundations for changing society and the world were shattered. Review and analysis do not have to be done by yourself. In any case, for the sake of their own existence, anyone should try to find a point of view only in harmony. Thoughts of seeing oneself as weak will disappear from the pot full of selfishness.

Today, life is forced to become dependent on others because of the same fading thinking, and human beings will become accustomed to evaluation on the same weak foundation, which is what we consider to be great thinking.

The groom and the poplar tree near the house have also become non-existent today. Souls who once enjoyed the shade of the same tree are now searching for another tree.

It seemed that this time and moment would always remain in this state, it would continue to provide this coolness. The smooth and green tree has become a desert today, leaving behind not only the human race but also the birds.

What is the tree thinking in its last breath? Feelings and self-realization may be found within the diversity of nature’s incomparability. The tree that became everyone’s favorite yesterday has become everyone’s burden today.

This smooth cheek is also slowly getting wrinkled as if the tree could not keep its vitality. Standing in front of the mirror, he is comparing his appearance.

This throat of mine is also hanging like that ruined tree. Consciousness should lead the rule. But when that consciousness cannot be used for the collective and cannot penetrate into the definition of life, it becomes a burden to itself.

Does the thinking of human beings depend on heredity or environment? Life without consciousness? The form of consciousness will also be determined, even if all sentient beings are conscious, not all of them will be able to enter into its diversity. It seemed that life is a moment of bliss, it was a thought within the age frenzy, now that thinking has changed.

Thoughts shaking the foundations of a dissatisfied brain are challenging. Consciousness is not only general, it is also specific, which is something that few people feel.

How did life become so difficult? Diversity of thought, dissatisfaction or selfishness? Today, the self-examination of one’s own life has shaken one. Birth, education, family, children, material possessions and the moments that burn with the taste inside.

Is this life? If not, what is the difference between life and the unanswered question of so many thoughts? Can immortality come in the definition of life only by the way of thinking and writing?

Although this intricate question of the unanswered question helps to dispel the darkness of the night, its inability to be implemented has ultimately led to the same disappearance on the horizon.

How important is material suffering in life for the development of consciousness? How much role does that consciousness play in social change? Does the same consciousness make sense or not to find the definition of life?

When the past of hope cannot be judged in the eyes of those who have fallen, life seems meaningless, the repeated use of making the same meaningless life meaningful will not be so easy and pleasant.

The hope and aspiration of conquering the world in procreation and that vision is faltering today. There is a cloud in the pupil of the eye, what are the millions of souls who have dedicated their whole life to the happiness of the same child thinking.

How active are those children in fulfilling that dream of motherhood? Even the outer cover of the mirror could not accept this definition of life through spiritual introspection.

Dreams of motherhood are tired today and the definition of life has changed, the way of the world. Despite the mountains of questions in life, how many deeds have been done to reach the peak and achieve success? Thoughts always shook my life.

When thought and consciousness become hostages of selfishness, the hopes of innumerable mothers disappear on the horizon. When the past of hope cannot be judged in the eyes of those who have fallen, life seems meaningless, the repeated use of making the same meaningless life meaningful will not be so easy and pleasant.

In the meanwhile, many nights were spent with restlessness. Unable to give concrete form to the idea that the first use of consciousness is the way out of it, the ray seen by motherhood became blurred in her own eyes.

Though the calendar changes every moment, it is thought that the same moment has changed and now it is daring to see it in the eyes of one’s children. You know, a dream is just a dream, but even in that unfulfilled dream, the remaining moments of life are simmering, until these eyes disappear.

Those who are happy in the parrot volley of children, those who dream, those who dedicate their lives to it, cannot dare to think about how fulfilled that dream was when they were children, because it is not so easy and ordinary thinking cannot measure it. Not to eat to survive, those who survive to eat do not dare to face those unanswered questions of life.

Few children would have the moral courage to stand close to their mother while staring at her mother’s eyes.

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