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Sales of electric motorbikes made in Nepal are starting

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A team of Nepali engineers has built an electric bike. The electric bike was built by a team of young engineers under the Yatri Motorcycles Group.

Named ‘Project Zero’, the electric bike was designed, engineered and manufactured in Nepal.

The construction team said it used cutting edge powertrain, class leading vehicle software and in-house development proves.

The bike travels a range of 230 kilometers on a two-hour full charge. It has a battery capacity of 8 kWh and a 3.3 kW onboard charger.

This smart electric bike has an onboard Forge network as well as Android and iOS anti-theft onboard GPN on demand servicing appointment roadside assistance mobile app.
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Passenger Motorcycles says it will put Project Zero’s unit on its website for public display on April 23. Interested people can place an order and buy a bike with down payment from April 23, the company said.

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