Meditation is a power, very useful in corona havoc

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There are both negative and positive forces in the environment. You have to awaken the power within you. If we want to increase the positive energy, we have to meditate. Meditation also converts the negative energy that comes in the form of anger, raga, rage, stress into positive energy or power.

Which also promotes goodness. At this time, our mental condition is getting weaker due to Corona Kahar. It takes both meditation and knowledge to manage it. Peace in difficult times, strength is created by all meditation.

Looking at the types of meditation, there are Tratak meditation, memory meditation, Vipassana, Kundalini awakening, conscious meditation, death meditation, chanting mantra meditation, walking meditation, etc.

Generally, if there is any suffering in the society, there is a problem. When a simple person goes there and awakens love and compassion, the atmosphere there becomes soft and simple. Which reduces the problem and calms down by inspiring and cheering.

That is the power of meditation. Even more than that, the one who puts life into practice or meditates, begins to have self-realization. Looking at your own experience, you know that your heart is beating fast and your blood is flowing intoxicated.

Also acts as self healing. If there is a problem of illness or disease due to pain or something in some place, it can be cured by increasing the blood pressure, activating the tissues and taking it to the right place.

There must be faith. Let’s do so by identifying the most important, free-to-do meditation power that enhances the vitality of the cochlear implants by bringing them to true happiness.

Here are some simple ways to understand the powers of meditation:

1) Concentration: – Whether it is to identify the goal of life or to achieve success. Concentration is an important link. That meditation is obtained. It concentrates at zero or current.

2) The art of keeping the mind and body in the same place: – We are sitting in one place but the mind runs away and reaches somewhere. In the same way, meditation also takes the fleeing mind to the place where the body resides. We focus when we keep our body and mind in the same place.

3) To set the tone of the journey: – As the tone of the song is sweetened. In the same way, if the journey of life goes in the right direction, it will be fun and enjoyable. That melody is done by meditation.

4) Positivity: – Meditation also helps to increase positivity, creativity and self-reliance.

5) Contemplation: Meditation is a contemplation that brings awareness. The thought that produces righteousness.

6) Discovery of depth: – Meditation reaches the depths of life and brings happiness, simplicity, prosperity, ease.

7) Reality: Helps to find out the reality in the inner world and the outer world.

8) Natural power: – There are both unnatural and natural forces. Life becomes meaningful when we identify and highlight natural forces. That natural power is explored by exposed meditation.

9) Others: – The same meditation plays the jingle of enlightenment, transformation, compassion, fearlessness and love in the heart. Our Nature of Life, Art of Life is true happiness. The art of living that life is taught by meditation. It deletes the Gajyanggujung perception or thinking created by past events and future plans and keeps only the necessary thoughts and goals in the subconscious mind. Every hour, every day, the mind manages to think of traffic jams.

The king of the senses keeps the mind in balance. Meditation finds out what is frightening, why it is frightening, what needs to be done.

Awaken the inner strength. The moment of realizing the awakening of meditation with the practice of natural music, reaching the joy of the inner heart, searching for the particles of one’s body, mind and consciousness, meditating with energy and joy is different. This is the light of sign. That glow can be seen even on our face. At the same time, we should pay attention to the work and service we do.

Just like when cooking, focus on food, while doing office work, you have to focus on the same work. Therefore, meditation is important for being conscious in every moment of life, for revolution and even for transformation.

The activities to reduce general meditation are as follows:

1) In which the back of the neck is straight so that the hands are raised towards the sky to sit in a happy position.

2) Taking a deep breath three times, uttering om or exhaling the same amount of breath. (A + u + m = om)

3) Turning the hand towards the sky means that positive energy can be taken from cosmic energy or our environment.

4) Close your eyes and sit in such a way that through passion, consciousness, prayer, compassion, deep, three eyes open, life is being realized. Meditation on the breath, meditation on the body, meditation in any form, meditation on whatever point you find yourself in can be the focus.

5) Sit alone, feeling goodness within yourself, happiness on the face, increasing energy in the breath and happiness when you throw it out.

6) I am becoming pure from impurity, I am becoming pure from falsehood, I am going from darkness to light, I am becoming nectar by overcoming death, I am becoming awake from laziness, I am becoming lazy, struggling or active, I am becoming healthy from sick, healthy from unhealthy, happy from sad. Just thinking that energy is coming to the particle, just looking at what comes to mind as it comes, stopping.

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