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Let’s turn Corona’s haunt into solitude

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Moments of sorrow and happiness kept coming while moving forward in the journey of life. Sometimes conflicts, sometimes landslides, sometimes earthquakes, sometimes family ups and downs, sometimes political tensions and sometimes diseases (swine flu, bird flu, AIDS, etc.).

Now Corona has become an epidemic and is disturbing us all. When it comes to such problems, the best thing is to be careful, cautious, to find ways to stay alert and to be helpful to everyone. Because after we are born into the worldly life, we have to suffer from disease, suffering and old age.

It is eternal. As the sun rises over the mountains. Clouds, eclipses, water, etc. block. Again, when the sun is shining, when the sun is shining, when the sun is shining brightly. In the same way, people’s lives revolve.

At the same time, he who maintains himself according to the external situation and fights keeping the internal life conscious remains. Otherwise, time is not to blame, but the corona or whatever is said to be the culprit is said goodbye.

Do not despair by saying this. No matter what you eat, don’t give up, says Vudhapaka.

However, when every problem arises, it is necessary to increase the awareness and strengthen the state of mind to stay calm from the material situation. Apart from this, the conscious citizen has no other choice. Because now Corona’s problem sends a message to make lifestyle conscious.

While sharing knowledge, science and experience, some practical education that can be done for free to change the corona waste, isolation, hospitalization into solitude. There are 9 formulas for success.

It is useless, it is useless, everything should be empty handed.
So smile on your face! Respect in the heart! Sweetness should be given to everyone when speaking words !!

1) Khechari Mudra: – When the tip of the tongue moves the empty part towards the palate, juice, saliva or ryal comes out from there and reaches the body through the lower abdomen and increases the vitality.

Just as the roots of a tree give strength to the Haga Viga leaves above, so the energy comes from irrigating the power in the human brain or the upper part down to the whole body.

In addition to this, sun piercing pranayama (breathing method through the right nostril of the nose) which works to increase the oxygen in the large lungs on the right side. Similarly, Bhramari, Tratak, Tadasana, clapping therapy, Vasi Vitamin D can be obtained in the morning sun.

2) Sukshma Sadhana: – Let’s run all the parts of the body from head to toe with joy. Which activates all the joints and cells in our body.

3) Dancing or shaking like Zachary Kame: – It makes the whole body active. Saying om is still effective.

4) Laugh and enjoy: – Laugh openly for at least 15 minutes every day. This is the best way to reduce stress. It’s free. It increases vitality. It is said that he who laughs lives happily.

At the same time, it doesn’t matter if we are rich or poor in movable and immovable property. It is important to be happy. Because happiness increases vitality. For that, to be happy, you have to use less mind and more body.

5) Understand life and move forward: – The more positive, creative we are. That’s how much energy we get. To understand what life is like, for example, when a Chepagada can come to land by releasing its tail from water or ahal, it becomes a frog that can live in both land and water.

We have to get rid of old habits, memories and behaviors in order to live again and again! That is why we understand that such moments come.

6) Lead Yourself: If you have a complaint in your mind that you did not understand the current situation of you or me or someone else, get rid of it today because “Nothing happens if the world does not believe, but you or I should not stop believing in ourselves.” Try to solve your own problem.

Let’s take a closer look at 4D for cooperation and support: 1) Desire, 2) Decision, 3) Discipline, 4) Determination and let us develop our own leadership. Because the only way to solve the problem is to lead. Git says: There are thousands of things that others do not understand… There are thousands of things that you do not understand

Where should I go? Where am I going? So it can be said that in order to know the right goal, it is necessary to understand thousands of things!

7) Make the inner world strong: From birth to death, life is of two kinds. An inner life is more related to the mind. Another external life is related to this situation.

At this time, we have to strengthen the inner life mentality, awareness, caution. Let’s build confidence to live with a smile. This self-strength is an important force.

8) Silence, remain calm: – This is the opportunity to cut the words of others, to speak badly, to give up the habit of abusing because the intellect quickly recognizes the negative things of others, while the intellect recognizes its own negative things and problems and weaknesses.

Let’s sit in silence for now. (Silence has power. “” Staying calm “is the best way to find your inner life and know” who I am! ” Because it gives you a chance to be self-critical, to improve and to be creative.

9) Balance: – After coming to this world, you need balance to live life. Otherwise the dinosaur will disappear. It is said that life is a balance, a joy to be reunited with! I don’t know how to reconcile

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