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CG Telecom’s FTTH Internet within April

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CG Telecom under Chaudhary Group has started preparations to bring internet service in operation within the coming April. The company has started expanding FTTH internet service from Kathmandu with the objective of aggressively appearing in the market.

Earlier, preparations were made to bring it into operation from April 1, but the technical work has not been completed yet, said the company, which will start internet in a few weeks.

In the initial stage, necessary infrastructure is being prepared to bring fiber internet in operation from some places in Kathmandu. The company claims to provide quality internet at competitive prices.

With the entry of Chaudhary Group in the internet market of Nepal, the challenge on other service providers is expected to increase. Apart from this, the company has also started the process of procuring necessary equipment and materials including point-to-point fiber connection, OLT (optical line terminal), router.

Unable to obtain a unified license to operate mobile and basic telecommunications services, CG immediately focused on Internet services. The company has already obtained licenses from network telecom providers and internet service providers from the Nepal Telecommunications Authority to import bandwidth and operate internet services.

The company has also made a plan to aggressively offer fiveG services by obtaining a license to operate basic telecommunication services in the construction of optical fiber network.

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