7 formulas to do during lockdown

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Just as there are 7 colors, there are 7 wars, so there are 7 formulas to strengthen the mentality by managing the daily life in the house and dormitory caused by Corona Kahar.

Our daily management is to be able to create a lifestyle according to the situation and to strengthen the mindset. It is said that the creativity and ingenuity we have can never be stopped by lockdown.

Just as the moon, the sun, the wind, the streams, the trees, the mountains, the soil, the sky come and do their work. Everything survives when I live. This is the truth.

So we need to protect ourselves, encourage ourselves and stay mentally and physically healthy. These 7 formulas that should be adopted while staying at home during this lockdown are literally successful.

Save everyone while you live!
Make everyone laugh !!

1) Daily schedule: – What time to get up in the morning to Veluka schedule should be made. This table can be prepared in the usual way. Which gives our mind a kind of instruction to avoid tormenting the mind. The confusion of what to do disappears. Because time management is life. It inspires you and your family.

Make a schedule to overcome the situation!
There is a beautiful flower in the mood !!

2) Prepare a place to work: – I have a personal office so that I have a room or a room in the corner of the work place should be made. To live where we live neatly, cleanly. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. I am working in my home office from 10 am to 4 pm in Veluka. In addition, we have to work with the whole family from the kitchen, toilet, bed room.

This is the time to always help everyone!
Don’t despise it for being active!

3) Activities: – In addition to the mental and physical activities such as playing with the child, walking, storytelling, yoga meditation, dancing, singing, laughing, other exercises should be done. Emphasis on healthy living activities.

Who laughs and dances!
He reads fast !!

4) Management of time and energy: – Every second of this time is also important to use it creatively and use the energy positively because there is a precious life.

Increase energy by making good use of time!
Make your life worthwhile !!

5) Life value, purposeful and fulfilling the remaining tasks: – While living life to the fullest, there are some things to write, do, make, learn, hobbies. To be absorbed in the goal of life, the value of life or the rest of the work that cannot be fulfilled due to the time constraint. For example, someone may want to write a book. Someone may want to learn to move. Towards completing it. This is an important time to look for the creativity and talent within yourself.

Talk to you soon and keep up the good content.
Vesar, love Gurjae herbs !!

6) Relationships, keeping in touch: – Keeping in touch with everyone, keeping in mind that I keep in touch with family, friends, workers, activists, engineers, members of the organization including toll, all of the society, phone, including Facebook. After being born as a human being, relationships are important. Especially trying to connect with friends who haven’t met for a long time. Which increases self-confidence.

7) Resource Management and Support: To manage the resources we have. Keep in touch with ambulance, water, food, doctor, social engineer and those who help you when you need help. If others in the neighborhood need help, do as much charity as you can.

7 Sutras are accompanied by light, air, water!
Let the earth, the sky be all power !!

Along with Yash Sutra, use powerful things like air, water, herbs, lemon, basil, vesar, gurja to suit your time and your body. It is important to strengthen mental health while living in solitude at home due to coronation.

By being prepared, conscious and positive for it, by being careful and alert, one’s mind is strengthened and life can be made systematic. As a result, life becomes conscious and meaningful even in the midst of problems.
Let’s be conscious and make.

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